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November 7, 2021: Capturing the summer of 2021

This was our view at the end of July. The Middle Fork Complex Fire began July 29, 2020, and thus began a terribly difficult time for our community. Thankfully, with the hard work of fire crews, the fires which were so close to town never did reach us and were contained. Although the month of August was one for the books in terms of smoke, worry, and trips cancelled.

It was during this time, that we launched The Middle Fork Bistro and Food Garden. Not an idea time, but nonetheless it was a success to have everything in place and ready for spring/summer of 2022. We served many locals and tourists in our short window of being open (see above), and are excited for bringing more delicious food and beverages when we next open.

While Oakridge is known for its mountain biking, and skiing at Willamette Pass, there is something for everyone to find if you love the outdoors. Our fall has looked like this: trail runs, mushroom forages, mountain views, and sitting by the quiet lake. These escapes have filled our cup back up after the unexpected summer, and we are grateful.

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